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Professional Home Inspections in Paris

At Inspection Gator, we’re proud to serve the local Paris community with a wide range of inspections for all your needs. From pre-listing inspections for sales to commercial inspections to plumbing, electrical, and termite inspections, our team will perform a thorough investigation that gives you an accurate assessment of a property’s current state and potential future problems.

Our attention to detail means that we’ll truly leave no stone uncovered. Depending on the exact type of Paris home inspection you need, we’ll do physical roofing checks, look for leaks in attics and crawl spaces, test every electrical outlet, and even verify that built-in appliances like ovens and garage door openers are fully functional. Your inspection report from Inspection Gator will be delivered within 48 hours of completion of the job.

When you contract Inspection Gator for a home inspection in Paris, you’re getting an experienced, objective partner that will give your property the time and consideration needed to truly understand its systems and identify its value. With us, you get pinpoint precision both that gives you the confidence to make a real estate transaction that you’ll be happy with.

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Paris Contractors


Hargis Electric (903) 785-8055

Hart Electric 903-517-1541

Kelly Electric 903-739-5714

Crawford Electric (903) 715-7283


Blake Plumbing 903-784-1228

C&S Plumbing 903-785-2132

Golden Plumbing (903) 785-2061

Malone Plumbing 903-739-8580

Foundation Specialists:

Nu-Tek 903-785-0595

Pro Slab Foundation (903) 517-5537

Power Jack 903-785-4636

Structural Engineers:

Erin Gaylord 903-293-3900


Cory Freese 903-401-0777

Leo McCann-


Emerson (903) 785-1016

Bryan Fence Co 903-785-5581

Pridemore Fence Co 903-784-4438


Jamar Contractors 903-784-0292

Paris Air 903-784-8585

Reep’s Air & Refrigeration (903) 401-5074

Scott & Micah AC & Appliance 903-249-2033


Tim Risinger (903) 783-9444

Pat Murphy Appraisal Assoc. (903) 785-0441

Appliance Repair:

Billy Smith Appliance (903) 784-8711

Wood Appliance Services 903-785-8561

Scott and Micah AC & Appliance- 903-669-7653


Lance’s Septic 903-249-5611


Foster Land Surveying 903-739-9166


Ed Farmer 903-785-9556

Tyson 903-739-9339


AAA Flooring (903) 732-3834

Carpet World (903) 785-8317

Smith Carpet-Brian Wear (903) 785-6491


Cutting Edge (903) 784-4411


ASAY Roofing 903-495-2986

Ben Dillard Roofing 903-715-0048

Gilbert Roofing (903) 746-8900

Known Name Roofing -903-706-5061

Quality Roofing 903-785-8537


Barnett Landscaping 903-782-4772

Paris Lawn Care 903-506-1670

Red River (903) 739-2365


Aaron Raper 903-900-0221

Smith Flooring (903) 785-6491

Carpet World-903-785-8317

Well Service:

B&B (903) 856-5508

Pest Control:

A1-Bug Busters (903) 715-6620

Arrest-a-Pest (903) 785-2894

Morgan’s Ideal Termite & Pest 903-517-1452

Paris Pest Control (903) 732-4235

Vinyl Siding:

Sheet Metal:

Sheet Metal & HVAC 903-784-8585


Hoover Stone & Stucco 903-278-6224

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Inspection Gator performs accurate and intricate real estate inspections in Paris, Texas and the surrounding area.

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