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Professional Home Inspections in Pittsburg

At Inspection Gator, we’re proud to serve the local Pittsburg community with a wide range of inspections for all your needs. From pre-listing inspections for sales to commercial inspections to plumbing, electrical, and termite inspections, our team will perform a thorough investigation that gives you an accurate assessment of a property’s current state and potential future problems.

Our attention to detail means that we’ll truly leave no stone uncovered. Depending on the exact type of Pittsburg home inspection you need, we’ll do physical roofing checks, look for leaks in attics and crawl spaces, test every electrical outlet, and even verify that built-in appliances like ovens and garage door openers are fully functional. Your inspection report from Inspection Gator will be delivered within 48 hours of completion of the job.

When you contract Inspection Gator for a home inspection in Pittsburg, you’re getting an experienced, objective partner that will give your property the time and consideration needed to truly understand its systems and identify its value. With us, you get pinpoint precision both that gives you the confidence to make a real estate transaction that you’ll be happy with.

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Inspection Gator performs accurate and intricate real estate inspections in Paris, Texas and the surrounding area.

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